Fitness Benefits Of Wrestling

If you’re looking for a sport to do or put your children in that will teach him/her great life skills and get them fit, then wrestling could be just the game for you! There are lots of youth clubs, middle school and higher school programs across the country. Below, we outline the main benefits and advantages of wrestling as a sport!

Anyone can do it! Wrestling has distinct age classes and weight classes to make it fair for everyone involved. The game doesn’t discriminate against how old somebody is or their weight. There is an age division plus a weight class for everybody! You don’t have to become a professional Olympic wrestler to enjoy the sport, there are plenty of clubs that offer recreational group training and freestyle wrestling training to suit all levels and ages. Both girls and boys can enjoy the sports and build up their strength and character through safe kids wrestling classes.

Emotional skills: With wrestling, you can find out how to overcome many obstacles and challenges that will make you mentally stronger and prepared to tackle the world. A few of the skills you can acquire from wrestling comprise self-reliance, self-confidence, and self-discipline. A wrestler will also learn to develop sportsmanship and respect for their competitor. Each wrestler will lose at least one time in their career and this teaches them to always be respectful and be a fantastic sport. Losing will even instruct the wrestler to always stay humble and to work harder.

Complete Body Workout: In wrestling, an individual works out their whole body all at once. The constant pushing and pulling motions work the whole upper body, and because most moves are in a squatted position, the legs get worked as well. Wrestling also requires a great deal of core strength for balance and explosive movements when trying to procure a takedown and a lot of flexibility while fighting off an opponent’s takedown and flip attempts. The body is constantly moving and on guard, there are no rests during a match. Training is also very intense, going through drills and strength conditioning.

Cardiovascular Health: A wrestling match is six minutes of non-stop action, so a wrestler needs maintain excellent cardiovascular shape. Throughout a practice and in games, wrestlers use each the major muscle groups in your system, making wrestling is a fantastic way to get physically healthy. The more wrestling a person engages in, the more strength is built up in the cardiovascular system lungs and more. Wrestlers often engage in more than just training but additional strength-building activities such as running and weightlifting.

Proper Nutrition: Proper nutrition is a very important facet of wrestling since there are weight classes to compete in. A wrestler should eat healthy all the time and drink sufficient water throughout the day to properly handle their weight. Eating healthy and staying hydrated also helps the body recover from the long grueling practices and high-intensity matches.

Burns A LOT of Calories: One six-minute game of wrestling is said to burn 400 calories. A wrestler can expect to wrestle no less than two matches a day in a championship so they are going to burn around 800 calories in only 12 minutes! An average wrestling practice will last between one and a half and two hours, at that time frame an athlete will lose an average of 1,000 calories! A fabulous way to stay fit and healthy as well as motivated and learn valuable competitive skills.


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