High Heels and Your Health

HOW TO FIND THE PERFECT HIGH-HEELED SHOEHow to Find the Perfect High-Heeled Shoe

Before a woman even thinks of breaking in a set of heels, it is crucial to purchase a set that fits correctly. It is also essential to think about the material as well as the style of the heel, which are both factors in identifying how easy it will be to break in a pair of high heels.

Finding the Perfect Fit

It is advised to try out womens boots and high heels at the end of the day, after the feet have swelled a little from walking around throughout the day, and your relaxing in your lavish Lorne accommodation. This will ensure the shoes fit even when feet are at their largest size. When trying out a set of heels, make certain to stand in them to see how they fit when your toes are totally extended. If there is a big gap in the back in between the shoe and the heel of the foot, the shoes are too big and a smaller size would be more suited. Yet, there ought to be space to wiggle the toes a little as well. Females with broader feet should avoid pointy-toed shoes, as these designs have the tendency to scrunch the toes and will be uncomfortable after an extremely short period of time. If the shoes are an open-toed style, your toes must be a quarter of an inch from the edge of the shoes sole. If there is more space between the toes and the edge, the shoes are too big. If there is less, the shoes are too small.

Finally, you must test to see if the width of the shoe fits properly by running one finger along the arch of the foot. If your finger cannot fit inside the arch, the shoe is too tight and will probably rub against your foot. Shoes that are too thin will always cause pain. But, if there is too much space between the arch of the foot and the shoe, your foot can easily slip out of the shoe while you are walking. Ensuring a proper fit can seem like a major pain in itself. Yet a comfortable fit is vital in making a smart purchase. No matter how cute the shoe, no one will wear a shoe that hurts.

Shoe Sizes and Materials

Sizes can easily differ from one brand name of high heels to the next, so it is a foregone conclusion that a size might vary from a half size to even a full size in any given shoe brand. When looking for high heels, make sure to test them out if at all possible. Walk around the store when trying them on. This will allow you to get an excellent feel for the shoe and will help you decide whether or not it will be comfortable and easy to break in the shoe.

Other factors to think about when looking for the best fit in a high heel include the construction and material of the shoe. Its no secret that not all shoes are ever made the same so not all will provide the very same level of comfort and sturdiness. Leather is a very comfortable material for the lining of a heel high because it soaks up moisture and allows the foot to breathe. There are vegan shoe lines offered too that are known to be extremely comfortable and hard wearing, for when you are enjoying some great ocean road accommodation.

Structure of the High Heel

Pay close attention to the heels design features, especially how the shoe and the sole are connected to each other. Preferably the sole ought to be seamless to guarantee a best fit. If the sole is stitched on to the shoe, the stitches need to be level and very secure. If the sole is glued on, there ought to be no area around the edges. Any space around the sole will offer the sole the opportunity to eventually peel off. Another design feature that aids with breaking in a high heel is a layer of rubber along the bottom of the shoe. This will give the shoe a much better grip on the ground, making it easier to walk in. If you would like more guidance on this or actually want to purchase some shoes online in Australia, we are here to help you with that also.


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