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Since I had my breast augmentation surgery, I’ve struggled to deal with the scarring. I think many women will know what I mean; whether it is stretch marks or scars, we all have our imperfections. Breast augmentation recovery is difficult enough as it is, there is no need to add extra tension! So I wrote this article hoping that it will help someone else. Enjoy! 

A scar can be defined as a section of fibroid-like mesh that grows back after damage to the skin. It is a biological cycle that heals and repairs the skin and all body tissues. Therefore, scarring is a normal tissue recovery process and occurs from injuries caused by surgery, mishaps, or maladies. It is only animals that regenerate new tissue devoid of any visible scarring. An in-depth comprehension of the scar and its varieties is a prudent start of the treatment process. Scarring is a dermal mechanism that triggers the production of collagen fibres by the body to cover and heal the wound. The formation and size of the scar are somehow dependent on the following factors:

  • On the organ that suffers injury
  • On the age and other demographic profile of the victim
  • On the acuteness of the injury
  • On the speed of the healing process

Though not scientifically proven, the visibility of scarring is also proportional to the degree of melanoidins. Different features of scars have been classified as follows:

Contracture scars – they are identified by their tautness and slick formations that limit activity or mobility. The skin loss covers a fairly large part of the organ.

Keloid scars – they are characterized by their thickness and tumorous growth (though non-cancerous) and have a darker over-scarring formation that may touch on uninjured skin.

Atrophic – they have sunken or slightly deep-kind of skin formation, mostly as a result of healing from acne or chickenpox.

Hypertrophic – their growth is confined on the damaged skin area, are also darker and characterized by excess collagen production giving a bumpy scar.

Stretch marks – though fairly temporary and dissipate over time, the stringy-like appearance is as a result of overstretching of the skin or when healing occurs around joints.

Conversely, there is no remedy that is accurately known to fritter away the visible effects of a scar, but as they say, time is a healer it lightens and its invisibility keeps growing eventually. 

Nevertheless, some protagonists keep advancing use of traditional or natural cures to dissipate the scars and lighten the dark spots on the skin. The potency to hasten the brightening varies from one person to the other. 

Below are some of the home remedies:

Lemon – Using a slice of fresh lemon, squeeze the lemon juice while rubbing the lemon peel on the scar in circular motions. Then use plain water to clean the scar after ten minutes. Repeat after twenty-four hours.

Potato – With a slice of potato, gently rub it on the scar in spheroid motions repeatedly for twenty minutes until all pieces become flaccid. Rinse the scar after ten minutes, do this after every twenty-four hours.

Coconut oil – Pour liquefied coconut oil on the scar and for ten minutes, gently rub and massage the scar. Wait for one hour as the skin ingests the oil. Do this for a maximum of four times a day.

Honey – As a daily habitual practice before sleeping, bandage the scar after applying a coat of honey. Then use lukewarm water, rinse the scar and appropriately dispose of the bandage.

Aloe vera gel – Peel off the dark green layer from a broader part of the leaf, in round movements rub the emerald-coloured gel onto the scar, clean the scar after thirty minutes. It should be done twice a day for positive results.

Onion – Mince and extract some fresh juice from an onion, then spread on the scar and leave it to dry. Clean after a quarter of an hour, should be done over a maximum of four times a day. Works best for old scars.

Gooseberry – Smear the scar with a fine gooseberry powder and olive oil paste, wait for ten to fifteen minutes then wash off with plain water. This is a daily ritual.

Take caution not to use the above remedies on fresh or open wounds. Discontinue immediately in case of any inflammation or hypersensitivity.


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