Tennis Can Benefit Your Health

Tennis is a really popular sport in Australia and is played by people of all ages. Tennis can be played by two people (known as ‘playing singles’) or four individuals (‘doubles’). Players use racquets to hit a ball over a net in the other side of the courtroom. A game of tennis entails an assortment of forms of play, including serving the ball across the web, rallies (when the ball is hit back and forth between competitions), fast moves and tactical game play. Tennis can be played as a game or as a recreational activity with friends and loved ones. In any event, playing tennis is a fantastic sport to keep your health, fitness, strength and endurance. It has been calculated that an hour-long match of singles tennis burns around 600 calories for men and 420 calories for women. Along with the fitness and physical health benefits, tennis also provides numerous psychological and social health benefits also.

Health benefits of tennis can be a wonderful workout and plenty of fun. Playing tennis has many health benefits such as:

– Increasing aerobic capacities

– Lowering resting heart rate and blood pressure

– Improving metabolic function

– Increasing bone density

– Lowering body fat

– Improving muscle tone, stamina and strength

– Increasing response times.

Additional advantages of tennis, as well as being a fantastic physical exercise, tennis is also:

– A non-impact game

– An excellent way to meet people and spend time with friends

– Acceptable for all ages and ability levels. Whatever your level, you’ll find someone of a similar skill to play with

– Helpful to decrease stress

– Not determined by strength or youth — you can play for a lifetime or begin the game at any given age

The increase of young adults playing tennis is remarkably common in Australia and is played in organised competitions in addition to social games. So as to play tennis you require a racquet, perhaps a racquet restring, a court with a net, and an opponent. Club courts and public courts are available for hire in many suburbs and cities. If you cannot find someone to play against, many tennis clubs sponsor organised social play, tournaments and competitions that will offer fellow tennis players to allow you to play against and with. Instead, if you do not have a tennis partner, you can always practice your skills by hitting a tennis ball against a wall. If you do need supplies, visit your local tennis store today for great specials and expert advice.

Preventing tennis injuries

Avoid playing with a preexisting illness or injury. If in doubt, speak with a physician. Warm up your muscles and joints before hitting the court.

Maintain a decent physical fitness level. Undertake training and conditioning exercises specific to the physical demands of tennis.

Sometimes, injuries caused through repetition of strokes may happen in tennis. Correct technique and enjoying the quantity of tennis appropriate to your fitness levels can avoid injury. Ensure you have a lot of fluids available and make sure you drink regularly. Play in a level depending on your age and physical condition, and if the court conditions are moist, look at playing inside or postponing your game, particularly if the surface is slippery.

Things to remember

Tennis is an excellent game for preserving health, fitness, endurance and strength. Additionally, it has social and psychological advantages.

You may play with a club or with family and friends as a social action.

Be sure you have got loads of fluids available and re-hydrate regularly as you are going to be constantly active which will use up the remaining fluid in your body.

However, remember not to overdo the sport, you need to maintain a healthy balance of sport and lifestyle activities in order for your body to function properly.


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